Worley Lab

Investigating regeneration through genetics and single-cell analysis

How do tissues regenerate after damage? 

What are the mechanisms that allow cells to coordinate regeneration?

 The Worley lab combines experimental genetics, developmental biology, and single-cell transcriptomics to uncover the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate regenerative growth and re-patterning. We investigate these questions in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, a powerful system to study gene function. 

We aim to understand the genes and gene regulatory networks that are specifically activated during regeneration. Ultimately, this information has the potential to improve how we heal our own bodies through regenerative medicine.

We are currently hiring! Please contact us if interested!

Ets21C sustains a pro-regenerative transcriptional program in blastema cells of Drosophila imaginal discs | Current Biology

Melanie I. Worley*, Nicholas J. Everetts*, Riku Yasutoi, Rebecca J. Chang, Shrey Saretha, Nir Yosef, and Iswar K.Hariharan

Current Biology <LINK>  < Dispatch LINK > 

Nicholas J. Everetts*,  Melanie I. Worley*, Riku Yasutomi, Nir Yosef, and Iswar K. Hariharan  *co-first authors